Environmental goal

I hold the view that everyone is responsible for the resources they consume. If we are completely honest, at the moment far too little is being achieved for the world of tomorrow and that has to change.

I believe that every small step counts and that you have to look at yourself first and change before you can criticise others and make demands. You don't have to plant trees, donate money or print posters! It is much more important to avoid plastic waste, non-regional and seasonal food, unnecessary journeys by car and so on. 

My steps for the environment


Hosting with 100% green power

I have many websites and services that run around the clock for my customers and visitors. Of course, these services need a server and accordingly also electricity to run. Therefore I rely on Netcup as a hosting provider, as they are not only reasonably priced, but also operate their servers with 100% green electricity.


Trees for my work

While I create websites for clients or hold meetings, I use electricity, have to drive and write on paper. To make at least part of my work greener, I plant a tree for every hour worked where it is needed most. I achieve this through my partner OneTreePlanted.

Now is the time to think about the environment!

Our world as we know it is in danger. Climate change, global warming, forest fires and the massive clearing of our forests destroy too many football fields of forest every day.

That is why it is time to act. I know that one person can never save the world alone, but who is going to join in if no one starts?

For this reason, I am committed to the environment and for every order I accept, I give a portion of my earnings to plant trees.

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