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HaveIBeenPwned Checker by AstroGD

V 1.6.2

Letzter Release: 13.06.2022


The HaveIBeenPwned Checker offers the possibility to easily, quickly and securely check passwords against the database of HaveIBeenPwned . The password is converted into a hash and the first 5 letters of it are sent to HaveIBeenPwned. This is a very secure way to check the password, as it never leaves the computer. In addition, the source code is open source, meaning that it is publicly available and can be verified by anyone.

The HaveIBeenPwned Checker is available in both English and German and can be used on all Windows devices. 
You can change the language of the software directly in the program after the first start.

To check your password, enter it in the field provided and press the Enter key.



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When executing the installer, the Windows SmartScreen Filter may issue warnings . This is because the installer itself is not signed. Code signing certificates are expensive and unfortunately not an option for me at the moment. You can check the integrity using the PGP signature provided .

To bypass the smartscreen filter, click on "more information" and then on "run anyway".

If you have any further questions, contact me.

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