Kreative Köpfe

Experience creative power in the Ostalbkreis region

For more than 4 years, Ingrid Hertfelder portrayed creative people in the Ostalbkreis district and gained insights into their motivation and motives. She presented the results of her years of work in her exhibition "Kreative Köpfe" (Creative minds).

In 2019 I received the order to redesign an already existing WordPress website according to the wishes of my client and to take care of data backup, security, performance and search engine optimization.

Through direct exchange with my client, a great website for the art exhibition was created so quickly.


For this project, there were the following requirements:

  • The layout of the website was to be implemented according to the client's specifications
  • The website had to be optimized for displaying many high-resolution images
  • The website had to be secured against cyber attacks
  • Regular backups of the website







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