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H0nde Ban Privacy Policy

What Data gets stored?

  • Your Discord Tag and ID
  • Server names and ID’s

Why is this data needed?

This data is collected in order to serve this bot’s purpose. Log Files are kept to ensure the bot is running without issues and there is no abuse of bot functions.

How is this data being used?

Tags, Servernames and IDs may be stored in log files and used to identify issues with this bot. We also may use this data to ensure our service is not misused in any way.

Data sharing

We do not share your data with anyone except Discord, legal institutions if required by law and our hosting provider (because the logfiles are saved there).

You can find our hosting providers Privacy Policy here:


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out!

Data removal request

If you want your data to be deleted from our service, please reach out to [email protected]